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STARLETS BABIES is for our 1 to 2 year olds....

This is a music and movement class using tambourines, cuddly toys ans nursery rhymes. During these classes we aim to gain the confidence of the children and ask parents to stay and join in the class.

STARLETS 1 is for our 2 to 3 year olds....

This is a class which builds on the previous Starlets Babies class and aims to develop skills of balance and co-ordination. The children are still encouraged to use tambourines and teddy bears and do small steps, mime and songs in front of others to help build confidence. When the children reach 3 they are usually ready to join the next class and are independent enough to be left.

STARLETS 2 is for our 3 to 4 year olds....

The is a general dance class which builds from the Starlets 1 class. Drama is also more apparent in this class using stories which are acted out and nursery rhymes and songs more in class. The children will be learning to link steps together at this stage and be more confident to perform. By this stage the children will have acquired a basic knowledge of dance and are now taught to remember names of steps and positions. Tap is introduced at this stage with approximately 10 or 15 minutes spent at the beginning of each class on basic tap aimed at teaching rythms before progressing to general dance. The children are also encouraged to preform in small groups for each other.

STARLETS ADVANCED is for our 4 to 5 year olds....

At this stage the children are beginning to put a series of steps together to produce a more fluent movement. The children will often work in pairs and learn to relate to each other. By now the children should have acquired a good grounding in basic dance and be ready to move into FIRST STEPS in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Drama, Singing, Bollywood or Street Dance or continue with our combined DANCE CLUB classes.

Please note that we also like to encourage our STARLETS 2 and ADVANCED STARLETS to be involved in our performance work. They are often seen in costume at the Claygate Flower Show in July, Whingham Court Nursing Home in Claygate in July and December in addition to other local events.




Baby Pink / Royal Blue Capped Sleeve leotard
Pink Pink / Royal Blue skirt  
Baby Pink / Royal Blue crossover cardigan
School badge  
White ballet shoes  
Pink ballet shoes  
White tap shoes


Chadsworth Tee Shirt
White shorts or Royal blue jogging trousers
Black ballet shoes
Black tap shoes


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